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Shadow Game is a feature length documentary by the formidable Dutch directing duo XX and YY. It traces the journey of undocumented minors as they flee their homelands and cross borders in an attempt to reach safety in Europe. Above all it documents the abuses committed by XX in.... The impact campaign, which was initiated by the directors themselves began with the aim of raising awareness about the plight of the minors.  BIM joined the campaign when it expanded and was part of the team that accompanied the filmmakers and their subjects to the European parliament for a special screening.  The aim was to ....  As part of that campaign, we commissioned X artist to project a custom artwork on the building of the XX. This phase of the campaign culminated with...

BIM is rejoining the team for the next phase of the campaign XX.  

Screening EU parliament 

Screening Medecins sans Frontiers
Petition to EU parliament

Eyes: Blue

Shoes: 9.5

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